VIZ B – collaboration quality brand. Our mission - help people of different cultures, professions, social roles, or viewpoints to understand each other better and reach success in communication. Choose to join one of our mindset-changing initiatives or book a consultation with us. And empower the culture of collaboration in business together!

Our Collaborations

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What we do?


Organize panel discussions


Create educational content



How our input brings value?

  • Change Implementation

Reinforces an approval of the change by the community

Initiates thinking in terms of “human-centric design” view

Structures the faster and efficient communication systems

  • Cross-cultural communication

Enriches mutual cooperation and trust

Reduces miss communication probability

Stimulates new discoveries / Innovations

  • Information Representation

Increases awareness of the key details

Motivates amusement of people's engagement

“Speaks-up” to the people's hearts


Research insights

Read our latest research insights on communication culture in a business. Save time, money and energy by learning the language of perspectives. Embrace the cross-cultural mindset and build genuine relationships among your partners, customers, and co-workers here in Lithuania and globally.

Past work

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Our viewpoint

Today we are going through the 4.0 industry revolution, optimizing our all tasks and useing the internet as a key channel to connect with people. On the humane side, we start to speak our minds, build communities around ourselves and are on a mission to inspire others. Humankind is experiencing postmodernism, which brings us a vast variety of information choices, cultures and beliefs. The world is changing and it will never stop doing so. The ability to adapt the sequences of thought here and now is on demand. How to embrace it and stay connected with people in this network-based economy – is our key skill in order to help you grow.

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